Alternative Wart Removal Methods – Get Rid of Unsightly Warts Easily

Warts are very common, these days, with many people having occurrences of them at some point in their lives. They are transferred from one person to another and not, as rumors have it, from touching a toad or frog.
What are Warts?
Warts are highly contagious skin infections that can transfer between people through ordinary, everyday contact. Touching a wart or even clothing worn by a person with warts can cause warts to appear on your skin. Most warts are benign skin tumors, creating no threat to a person’s health or safety. However, left untreated, one wart can spread to create new warts on the same person.
Warts are not painful but they are ugly, resembling dark moles and most types will vanish on their own but this can take months or even years. Although warts can be contracted by anyone, most of the time children and young adults are the ones at risk.
Topical Wart Removers
If you have a wart and don’t want to wait for a wart to disappear in its own time, you can try using one of the many over-the-counter topical medications, which can be purchased from most doctors’ offices. Even though you will apply the treatment yourself, it is advisable to have a doctor’s advice and analysis to ensure you don’t injure the surrounding, healthy skin.
The most common wart remover, Keratolysis, generally uses salicylic acid to modify the skin’s molecular structure from within the wart. Keratolysis comes in either adhesive pads impregnated with salicylic acid or as a concentrated salicylic acid in a bottle. You can see why a doctor’s input on the process is important! Before applying the treatment, the area around the wart must be thoroughly cleaned and, after applying the treatment, the dead skin cells must be removed with a pumice stone or foot scraper. This treatment must be applied on a strict basis, every day, for up to 12 weeks.
Other forms of topical treatment include medications that reduce the size of the wart over a period of several weeks and medications that soften the wart to make it easier to scrape off after washing.
Bear in mind that none of these treatments should be used to remove warts from the face or genital area!
Wart Removal Surgery
If you have warts and the topical medications have not worked after a few months, you may want to consider surgery. You doctor can do this quickly by either freezing, burning or cutting the wart off. In some cases, you doctor may use laser surgery.
Alternative Wart Removal Methods
There are several alternative methods for removing warts that don’t include the use of medications or surgery. Whether or not these will work is for you to determine, but none of them are likely to cause any harm in the long term. However, if you feel any pain from using one of these methods, it is advisable to stop using that method and contact your doctor immediately.
One method is to cover the wart with duct tape for six days. The duct tape is to be removed only for cleaning the area and then filing the wart down while the skin is still soft and damp. A study done on this process reported that this method caused the warts to disappear within two months’ time; the same period of time in which the freezing method works.
A second, and seemingly bizarre, method uses psychosomatic properties. First, trace the afflicted hand or foot (never use this on facial or genital warts – always contact a doctor for those) onto a piece of paper and then draw the wart in the correct place on the image.
Once the drawing has been done, the patient needs to visualize or imagine the wart being destroyed, while the paper with the drawing is burned to ash.
Apparently, warts can be removed within as little as a week but this method only works if the person affected truly believes in and visualizes the remedy.


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